Another Science Project

Materials You Need

1. spoon
2. blank sheet of white paper
3. pencil
4. matches (Be careful, you might want to help your child handle these.)
5. beaker
6. glass
7. glass stirring rod
8. potassium or sodium nitrate (you can buy this chemical from science companies)
9. Camera or video recorder

Procedure (instructions)

1. Take the glass beaker and pour one cup of water into it.
2. Take the potassium or sodium nitrate. Measure out about one half of a teaspoon. Pour it into the beaker.
3. Use the glass stirring rod and stir until all the chemicals dissolve in the water.
4. Keep adding one half teaspoons of the chemicals to the beaker. Stir using the rod. When the chemicals stop dissolving in the beaker and begins to build up on the bottom, it is time to stop. You now have your solution ready.
5. Take the blank sheet of white paper. Dip your glass stirring rod into your solution. This solution is now your “ink.” Draw! Draw any design you want on your paper. Don’t be afraid to overuse. Make sure your lines are thick with solution.
6. Using a camera, take a picture of your paper, still wet from your sketching.
7. Let the paper dry a bit.
8. Before the lines of the solution disappear, take the pencil and mark an area of the drawing.
9. Now it is time to record our results. Have someone start the video recorder. Focus it on the drawing.
10. Take a glass and fill it up with water. Have an adult strike a match. Hand the glowing tip to the child. Get ready!
11. Have the child touch the spot on the paper that was marked with the pencil.
12. Film what happens! Take pictures. Get before and after shots of the paper to put on the science project board.

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