A Great 5th Grade Science Fair Project Idea

It's that time of the year again! Time to create, design and carry out a science project for the school science fair. Stumped? Don't worry this article will help you plan a 5th grade project in science.

Here is a great 5th grade science fair project idea:

Every 5th grade project in science needs these important sections: title, materials, purpose (of the experiment), hypothesis (what you think is going to happen), procedure, results and conclusion. For this 5th grade science fair project idea:

Title: You should do this part last. Come up with your own title!

Materials: For this 5th grade science fair project idea, you will need

2.small objects of different weights such as paper clips, coins, toys, marbles, etc.
3.two different jars that are at least 8 inches tall
5.vegetable oil
6.food coloring


1.Pour honey into one jar so it is 2 inches high.
2.Food color the water (pick whatever color you like best!) and then pour 2 inches of water into the same jar with the honey.
3.Then add oil to the same jar, 2 inches high again.
4.Pour the liquids in reverse order in the second jar. (oil, water, honey)
5.Put the objects in one jar. See what happens to the objects after 10 minutes, one hour, two hours.
6.Repeat step five for objects in the second jar.

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